Hell’s Ditch

The River Wey runs through the centre of Godalming and a drainage channel/tributary called Hell’s Ditch meanders along the opposite side of the Lammas Lands flood plain. This is what it looks like out of flood season. When it floods it puts the allotments under water and at its worst (Christmas day for instance) floods the properties on Catteshall Lane and Mead Row. This weekend most of the properties had their flood guards bolted across their doors.

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14 thoughts on “Hell’s Ditch

  1. My God, it is really terrible what’s going on.
    it is good you are showing this with clear and good images!
    I really hope that it will be solved a.s.a.p.
    Kind regards

  2. Scary pictures. I can’t imagine what it must be liked to have your house flooded. There has been a lot of flooding in some parts of France too and some people have had their homes flooded more than once!

    • I feel so sorry for the people flooded out of their homes Amelia. Some of them can’t go back for weeks as the waters just aren’t receding. Then there have been a lot of burglaries and looting of empty homes. Makes me so angry.

  3. Didn’t know we lived near to a place so dramatically named as Hell’s Ditch, Lucy. Thanks as always for being such a font of knowledge.

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