Filming at Hankley again

They’ve been building a film set at Hankley again over the past couple of weeks. On exactly the site of Skyfall Lodge they are creating a medieval village with a little church. It’s to be a location for the film Macbeth, starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. Our lovely Surrey heathland is standing in for Scotland again, and the filmmakers have been working hard to create that authentic foggy look with their smoke machines. Today they were filming crowd fight scenes. It’s a good job it’s wet January rather than dry high summer, as there were actors waving flaming torches around. Lots of smoke, shouting and the clash of swords. Very atmospheric with the sun occasionally sending shafts of light through the hazy fog of smoke.

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10 thoughts on “Filming at Hankley again

  1. How very exciting – looks wonderful. Quick tip – keep a careful eye on that wood in the final photo: if it starts moving, things may take a turn for the worse. Also, watch out for prolonged periods of fog and filthy air in the Godalming area. RH

    • I will RH! 😀 It’s already an exciting wood to walk in, as there’s always the possibility of suddenly seeing concealed men in camouflage gear, sporting war paint and a heather bush stuck to their helmet. Like one of those 3D pictures where it suddenly swims into focus and you think ‘ooh I’m looking straight at someone’s face, not a patch of undergrowth’!

  2. And here we go again! 🙂 It’s time you start a movie news agency! Nice photos and good video. Well, this time no helicopters, I suppose. Have fun in Surreywood!

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