River Wey in flood again.

We had some extensive flooding over Christmas in this area, with the River Wey and one of its tributaries Hell’s Ditch flooding a number of homes in the Godalming area. The rain of the past few days mean that the river levels are very high yet again, and the flood plain at Shalford is underwater.

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10 thoughts on “River Wey in flood again.

  1. Oh, heavens! I hope you don’t get wet feet. In the Netherlands we are creating more floodplain (right word?) for this type of situation. This year we have no winter here and hardly flooding. It’s 8 degrees!

  2. I’ll keep my wellington boots on Charles! 😀 In the UK we seem to build more and more on the floodplains, which is a bit silly really. We have had the wettest January in a century. I’m looking forward to spring.

    • The past 20 years we have worked on the floodplains in the Netherlands. Next year the project is completed. But new plans will now start to ensure safety till 2065.
      In between, we’ll help you, I understand. Much attention here in the media about the situation in Somerset. I learned that Dutch engineers have helped with the creation of certain areas 300 years ago. British parliamentarians now want us to come back. What we love to do!

      • Charles that’s really interesting that it’s been in the news in the Netherlands, and also that they are using the expertise of the Dutch engineers. Also reassuring, because people in these areas feel that the government and the environment agency aren’t doing enough to help them, so I am pleased that they are bringing in engineers who are experienced with these problems. There are people whose homes have been flooded since Christmas, and many farmers whose crops have been ruined. The rain just keeps coming!

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