Spectacular Sunrise

My last post asked what was causing the inferno effect. It was not, as suggested, an explosion in a marmalade factory (thanks to Rolling Harbour for that wonderful suggestion!), but a spectacular cloud formation illuminated by the rising sun.

Here are some more pictures. My most erudite reader Charles suggested from the first photo that they could be wave clouds, formed by atmospheric internal pressure. Now that you’ve seen the full pictures, Charles, can you confirm that? I’d like to learn more about clouds, so this could be a good introduction!

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10 thoughts on “Spectacular Sunrise

  1. 🙂
    I’m no expert in this field, Lucy. I will try to translate my (Dutch) thoughts on this subject in English.
    Cloud patterns occur when two different substances touching at a certain angle. And that happens quite often in the air (during a weather front for example). A warmer air mass hits a colder air mass at a different angle.
    In fact, we are talking about a CLOSED sky where the temperature does not decrease (change). An air flow at a different temperature flows along it. Every time the air hits the cloud (from below) a piece of the cloud (the closed sky) disappears. At this place the cloud dissolves. If a piece of the cloud disappears, the cloud changes shape. Because the air flow continues, this pattern repeated itself and creates the rhythmic pattern.
    In other words, a layer of air with different temperatures flows along the cloud (closed sky) and chop rhythmically bits out of the cloud. In this way the wave pattern is created.
    During the day the wave patterns can also be seen, but without the marmalade colors 🙂

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