In Memoriam: A Very Happy Rabbit.

Last week our pet rabbit, named Sponge for her capacity to absorb affection like a sponge absorbs water, died aged 8. She was a free range rabbit and she lived a long and happy life, as you can see.

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20 thoughts on “In Memoriam: A Very Happy Rabbit.

    • Thanks so much for your kind comment. She had a tumour/ abscess behind her eye. The vet said that surgery was unlikely to be successful and it would be best to have her put to sleep. She was an old girl and didn’t like being handled (loved being stroked and petted but hated being picked up or held) so we thought it would be kinder to let her go now. Very sad, but she had a very good life and this summer in particular she was really happy going in and out of the garden all day. She seemed to lose all her fear (I suspect along with her hearing 😀 ) and was so relaxed.
      It’s awful when we lose these little creatures isn’t it – they’re guaranteed to break our hearts because they live such short lives. I think the joy makes it worth it though.

    • Thanks so much Phil. She was a very obviously old gal and in the last year had aged a lot, so it wasn’t entirely unexpected that her time was near. It’s still an awful wrench when it happens though, especially if you have to make that decision. We are comforted by the fact that she had a long (for a rabbit) and very happy life, with an especially happy final year. 🙂

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