Sunrise at Wrynose Pass, Cumbria

We’ve just got back from one of my favourite places in the UK, The Lake District. We were visiting to celebrate the birthday of my mum, who lived up there for almost a decade. I really wanted to capture the early morning sun hitting the peaks, and decided the previous evening to get up before dawn and drive up to Wrynose Pass, one of Cumbria’s highest passes at 393m / 1,281 feet. In the morning I was doubting my decision, given that the doors were frozen shut on my car (down in a valley miles away) and the gradient of the road up to the pass is 1:4. The conditions seemed ok at the bottom of the pass so up we went on a wing and a prayer. We parked up just short of the summit and when we walked a little higher, discovered that there was sheet black ice on the road where a stream runs across the road. We went back down the same way we’d come up!

The first picture is of the moon setting behind the peak, just as the first rays of the morning sun strike it from the east.

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