Mist rising on The Wey

I haven’t had time to post much lately but I’m hoping to do a catch up of posts from August and September before this month slips in to the next!

We went for an early evening walk along the River Wey last week. I took a couple of pictures of reflections on the water, in which there’s no visible mist. Within minutes of that, however, I noticed that a thick mist was rising very rapidly from the ground, wreathing everything close to the ground in fog but leaving everything above the line crystal clear. I was amazed at what a clear line it made, starting at just a couple of feet above the ground but gathering force quickly so that by the time we finished the walk, it was head height all along the water meadows.

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22 thoughts on “Mist rising on The Wey

  1. Reflections on a beautiful summer … (it took a while before I figured out a nice text for you, Lucy. I hope it makes sense in English). We still have nice weather in the Netherlands, 16-18 degrees.

  2. Beautiful pictures! As a fellow local photographer I really need to allocate the time to exploring this wonderful county some more.

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