Well we are almost at the end of August, and I’ve got dozens of images that I haven’t got around to re-sizing and posting here. There will follow a flurry of posts as I attempt to get that mish-mashed flavour of August in Surrey out there to all of you.  😉

At the beginning of August we had a day on the river – a 40th birthday present from a very dear friend – in a canal boat from Farncombe Boat House. When we moored up for lunch we were swiftly approached by some ducks and swans who obviously are well aware of the deal with soft hearted day trippers. Normally I wouldn’t feed bread to waterfowl, as feeding them white bread just fills their stomachs with a nutrition-free sludge and discourages them from foraging for stuff that actually does them some good. On this occasion some good brown bread was fed by the fearless children on board, whilst many of the adults cowered on the other side of the boat. I can’t imagine why, especially when you see how friendly he was when I stuck my camera in for a close-up… 😀

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