Elephant Hawk Moth

Whilst we’re on the topic of spectacular insects, here’s an Elephant Hawk Moth who flew into the house recently. Luckily I was in the garden watering the plants, because apparently he flew straight through the patio door, crashed into the light on the wall and fell onto the sofa exactly where I always sit. If I had been sitting there the outcome wouldn’t have been good for either of us, I don’t think! 😀

He’s so very beautiful that I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of him. We’d caught him in a pint glass with an envelope to rescue him, then left him on the table in the dark kitchen while I finished up the watering and came to have a proper look at him. I walked into the kitchen and he was fluttering about in the glass, but the moment I switched the light on he became totally motionless, like a statue. I had a devil of a job persuading him off the envelope onto plain white paper because he wouldn’t budge at all! In the end a sprig of ceanothus persuaded him to move his little feet. He didn’t move a muscle the whole time I was photographing him, which I guess is a reflex reaction to sun-like light – to stay still and camouflaged during the day.

After his photo-call I put him gently, still on his twig, on the jasmine plant outside the door. Within a couple of minutes he’d flown off to continue his nightly adventures.

elephant_hawk_moth Deilephila_elpenor

18 thoughts on “Elephant Hawk Moth

    • Thanks for looking Phil. There are so many stunning moths but we don’t see them because it’s dark when they’re flying. I’ve always meant to do a moth light trap but I’m not so good with things fluttering near me! 😀

  1. In the first shot the legs and antennae look like they’ve been sprayed gold. In the second it looks like the rear has been sharpened with a pencil sharpener.
    What have you been up to Lucy?

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