Love on an Orchid



10 thoughts on “Love on an Orchid

  1. I notice that one of the moths is carrying a couple of Trombidium breei red parasitic mites. I’ve seen a lot of them this year, mainly on Marbled White and Gatekeeper butterflies. I believe they are relatively harmless as long as the host isn’t carrying too many.

    • Yes he is Marc. I’d never seen these mites until I looked closely at the photographs I took that day. My previous post is of a skipper with one that looks like he’s poking a red tongue out at me! 😀 I caught the flash of red on a couple of marbled whites at well; they seemed to be very widespread there.

      • Hadn’t noticed it on the skipper. See what you mean though. I think the mites are probably found on anything that rests in grass.

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