Bumblebee on knapweed


8 thoughts on “Bumblebee on knapweed

  1. Nice. We have Spotted Knapweed here that is an awful invasive plant. But the flower is lovely and I am sure our bees don’t care about invasive…only pollen. 🙂

  2. Hottest day ever in the Netherlands today, Lucy! Even the bumblebees collapse.
    I saw the weather woman of the BBC (Breakfast) standing in the rain this morning…
    Is that the rain that we expect tonight?

  3. Charles I think it is – yesterday was unbearably hot here, but we had rain this morning and it’s much cooler and fresher here now. I hope that the weather cools down a bit for the Dutch bumblebees! Yesterday we had flying ants everywhere and the sparrows were hovering and swooping to pluck them out of the air. They aren’t usually acrobats so it was interesting to see!

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