Can I have your opinion, please, dear readers?

I have been nagged and nagged by friend (you know who you are MsHM!) and family to enter a certain photography competition. I know I haven’t a cat’s chance in hell of winning, but I’ve agreed to enter to stop the infernal mithering. I can enter four pictures, and the title is ‘Living Landscape’ (which means that the winning entries will have fantastic landscape shots with amazing shots of dramatic wildlife in too!).

So although landscape photography isn’t my thing, here are my five best shots for that category. I’d be very grateful for your opinions on which are the four best ones and which one should get the chop!

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40 thoughts on “Can I have your opinion, please, dear readers?

  1. I also think the tree should get the chop. I love the Butterfly, Ladybird is my fave and the Canal and Heather are glorious.

  2. No picking by me…you need to go with what you feel the best about. But I do encourage you to enter as it will be a growing experience. How you fare is up to the whim of the judges but whether you agree with their assessment or not the response will help you in the future. Just keep an open mind and stay positive, Lucy. 🙂

    • Thank you for that very kind comment Steve! I’m not expecting anything as landscape photography really isn’t my thing, but you’re right about the experience – it’s interesting thinking about the photos in an analytical way and thinking about what they might want.

  3. Chop the heather – beautiful colours but it doesn’t have as much ‘richness’ to the composition as the others. Love all of them though 🙂

  4. my favorite is the lady bug but I would cut the Summer Heather shot, it does not have a clear point of interest as your other four photos do.
    The butterfly photo is outstanding too. Great use of light and composition. The red on the ladybug is stunning. Best of Luck in the contest!

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