Large Skipper

This rather gorgeous critter was hanging out by our pond today. He’s a Large Skipper butterfly, and the males pick a spot and defend it vigourously, hoping to attract females. I’ll be very happy if this means he’ll be visiting often, as they are really unusual looking butterflies – more like moths in appearance, really. I’ve never seen one before, let alone in the garden.

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12 thoughts on “Large Skipper

  1. Wow! It’s a butterfly? I would never have guessed. Never even heard of them. Interesting wing formation – looks like they are on two separate axes. (Is axes the plural of axis?)

  2. The population of butterflies in Europe has declined by almost half since 1990. They have gathered in your garden, I suspect … 🙂

  3. Lucy, will you please STOP posting the same things as I am photographing – skippers, damselflies, stripey red sunsets – before I’ve had a chance to deal with them? Just askin’. 😎 RH

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