Early walk at Thursley

With temperatures forecast to be at 30°C today (they were right), we thought we’d better walk the dog early. We were at Thursley by 8.15am, and very pretty it was too. The cotton grass is in ‘flower’ now, its fluffy cotton wool ball heads dotting the mire like tiny white sheep on a far off pasture. It’s actually a sedge, Eriophorum angustifolium, rather than a grass. There were lots of dragon and damselflies but most were moving much too fast for me to capture. This little damselfly was most obliging though, not only posing for me but then perching first on my camera and then on my hand. When I shooed him off after admiring him he buzzed about a bit and then settled back on my arm. I’m irresistable, me. 😉

The fox moth caterpillar was a good 4 inches long, sauntering across the path at Thursley. I also spotted some more silver studded blue butterflies. I took a couple of pics for ID but I’ll spare you those, since next up will be some more photos of them from Puttenham.

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