Perfect Camouflage

My daughter and her friend found this Pine Hawk Moth in the grass at the side of the boardwalk at Thursley. It has a very engaging, furry little face, I think. We relocated it to somewhere a bit safer and were amazed at how it blended into the bark of the Scots Pine. At that point I recognised it as a hawk moth but wasn’t sure what type. When I found it to be a Pine Hawk Moth, its perfect camouflage against the pine bark made complete sense. Surrey has lots of Scots Pine plantations and areas of pine woodland attached to heathland, so this moth has some pockets of habitat here in which to lay their eggs; the larvae live on pine needles

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6 thoughts on “Perfect Camouflage

  1. Love moths but their numbers seems to be down so far this year. As seems to be the case with many insects, particularly overflies. Are you experiencing the same?

    • That’s a shame Marc. We’ve had loads of hoverflies at our pond – I’m not sure of the type – and I’m sure they were breeding. I’ve seen lots of hoverflies around blossom earlier this year too, but I’m not sure how they or the moths are comparing to previous years. We have a bat that visits our pond every night so the moths are in peril in our garden!

      • ‘overflies’ that must be Wiltshire for Hoverflies. Yes I’ve seen some, mainly drone flies and the commoner types. But not as many as last year and the rarer ones are particularly scarce. I get bats at the end of my garden too as the start of the river Avon runs through it.

      • What I meant to say is do you have any photos of the hoverflies? If you do I might be able to identify them. You can DM me via twitter @entomacro.

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