Heath Tiger Beetle

I encountered this little fella yesterday at Hankley. I thought his markings were quite striking so I took a few pictures of him. If I’d known that he was the nationally rare Tiger Heath Beetle, I’d have taken more shots and got one that had those ferocious scimitar jaws in sharp focus!

We noticed some ‘scrapes’ at Hankley yesterday too; the area of cleared heather and turf that provides breeding conditions for these little critters (there are lots of scrapes at nearby Thursley). Looks like we’ll be seeing more of them. Wouldn’t like to be on the wrong side of those jaws though…

Thanks to Bobbobthebob at WildAboutBritain for helping me with the ID. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Heath Tiger Beetle

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    • Thanks Marc. I wish I’d taken a few more of his face though, to get those jaws in focus. I only photographed him for ID purposes really, because he was striking, and the front shot was just taken by me holding my camera upside down in front of him – I didn’t even get right down on the ground, damnit! 🙂 If I see one again I’ll know better.

      • I’ve not seen this species but did see the Green Tiger Beetle Cicindela campestris at Bentley Wood in Wiltshire last year. That had a pretty impressive set of jaws too!

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