Harlot’s Sauce With Squid

Another one from my new blog. This is a lovely recipe to have with pasta!

Feast Without Regret

ingredients_for_puttanescaPuttanesca. An Italian sauce which reputedly originated in Naples, a place dear to my heart. Literally translated, Alla Puttanesca means ‘in the style of a whore’ – there are several suggestions in common circulation for the meaning of this:

1) it’s so easy to cook that the Neopolitan working girls could prep it in between clients, let it cook in the time it took to see to the next customer, and eat it in the next gap between visitors.
2) the glorious scent of cooking was intended to lure in the clients.
3) the ingredients were all the working girls had left in the cupboard by the end of the week, as they weren’t permitted to shop with the Neopolitan housewives.

puttanesca_with_courgette_pappardelleThere’s a great explanation of the sauce’s origins here, along with a recipe that I’m intending to try out. This gives a more prosaic reason for the name…

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