It’s such a perfect day… I’m glad I can share it with you…

I hope you read that in the style of the song. šŸ˜‰

Today I walked at Puttenham common, and what a perfect day it was. The temperature was just right, the trees dappled the sunlight and everywhere I looked was lush and fresh with the green of early summer.

The landscape and flora of Puttenham is quintessential south west Surrey; lots of silver birch and purple heather, with areas of oak and sweet chestnut woodland. A few scots pine are dotted around, and outside the woodland areas the oaks are small and low-growing, their branches leaving the trunk at just above ground level. They have adapted their form to the nutrient-poor soil here.

The open grassy areas are carpeted with wavy hair grass which moves constantly in the breeze, like a shimmering red and silver ocean. There was a breeze today, so all around me was the sound of whispering leaves and grasses. Sometimes I see deer amongst the birch, but not today. Instead, I listened to the song of the larks and the ‘kiew, kiew’ of the buzzards soaring high above.

Can we have a whole summer like this please? With a couple of hours rain overnight every night to keep things fresh and growing well!

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