Armed to the teeth!

A week before we arrived in Naples, I read in the local news about a palazzo on one of the main seafront roads in the upmarket Chiaia neighbourhood collapsing. Much drama, accusations and counter-accusations of incompetence ensued, especially as this occurred near a current excavation for a metro station.

We happened upon the site when out walking; very dramatic. What really struck me though, a week after the event, was the general air of excitement and community drama. There were lots of fire engines and police cars of various types, along with their personnel – some of them in gaggles, gossiping with locals who had gathered to witness the spectacle, some of them playing with their phones in the vehicles. Everyone out for their weekend passeggiata had stopped to have a look and then discuss at length their opinions and theories on the matter. Italy is just such a social country, and Naples even more so, I think. There was an almost carnival atmosphere, with all the cafes and bars nearest to the site packed out, and locals in deep discussion with the emergency services. They even had the armed-to-the-teeth army there to keep the peace – he doesn’t look very pleased to have his picture taken, does he…  😉

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