Life on the streets of Naples

I’m not one for crowds and noise; I prefer nature, space, peace and quiet. So I wasn’t sure how I’d cope with Naples, knowing that the above would be in short supply and having read that it is utterly chaotic and anarchic. I think Napoli is the marmite of Italy – you either love it or hate it.

Luckily, we all loved it. If ever I feel I’ve just given up on life, I think I’ll go to Naples and just absorb the vibrancy, the liveliness, the hum and buzz of humanity.

A lot of life in Naples is lived on the street. There are lots of very smart streets, lined with designer shops, but they don’t interest me, to be honest. It’s the quirky little shops and the back streets where the locals are just getting on with their lives that I like.

Street photography isn’t my thing so they aren’t especially good, but I hope it gives you a flavour of the place.

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8 thoughts on “Life on the streets of Naples

  1. I’ve never visited Naples and I had not imagined it with such a unique character as your photographs have illustrated. Certainly, I would visit it now if I ever had the opportunity.

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