Nonno e bambina fanno la passeggiata

Every day in the late afternoon/evening, the streets fill with Neopolitans out for their daily stroll – la passeggiata. This is not a hurried affair; one must adopt a snail’s pace and get with the flow, and one must not move out of the way of cruising police cars until they are right behind you, hooting impatiently.

Now I don’t usually take pictures of people – it feels a bit intrusive and anyway, I haven’t got an eye for it. But I couldn’t resist a shot of this very dignified gentleman taking this little pair of feet out for a stroll. I assume there was a child under there, but no other part of her was visible under the swaddling and wrapping. I tried to make it look as though I wasn’t aiming my camera at him, but I don’t think I fooled him. He looks just like my Grandad did.


6 thoughts on “Nonno e bambina fanno la passeggiata

  1. Brave of you, that you dared. He seems like a wise man. Men have no objection to female photographers, I think.

    • I fiddled around a little with photoshop on this one, Charles, which I don’t often do. Because I snapped it rather hastily, the focus was on the lady behind rather than the gentleman in question. I de-saturated the rest of the image a bit, to draw the eye towards our man and the pushchair. He has such a wonderful face, I think, and the little feet really made me smile!

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