Views from our terrace

As you’ll have gathered by now, the big selling point of our apartment was the view! It was on the top (6th) floor of a old building on Via Speranzella, in the south east corner of the (in)famous Quartieri Spagnoli. I’d read all sorts of horror stories about the Spanish Quarter, but we found it vibrant and fascinating. Oh, and utterly, completely pazzo /bonkers /crazy! Like all of Naples, it’s a total assault on the senses – a cacophony of noise, colour, sights and smells. And very close encounters with scooters.

It was lovely to be able to retreat up to the top of this tall building to our little haven of peace. Our kitchen opened out onto a huge roof terrace (overlooked by the living room, too) with panoramic views over the city to Vesuvius and the sea in one direction, or up to the castle and monastry that sit atop Vomero, the hill that rears up from the middle of Naples.

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8 thoughts on “Views from our terrace

  1. Such incredible views Lucy, I’m sure you really loved this! Plus I understand from your mum that the ice creams were quite lovely as well. 😉 😀

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