Moss casting shadows

Moss growing on the old oak beams that line one side of our pond. I like the way the low afternoon sun means that these tiny inflorescences cast such long shadows.

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This was a test run for my new camera. My guilt at buying something I can’t afford has pretty much evaporated into excitement on receiving the Lumix TZ30 – it’s rather gorgeous, and so far I think it takes slightly better pictures than the TZ20. I wish I could afford an SLR, but that certainly isn’t on the cards, and to be honest when I’ve had one before I’ve found it too heavy to carry around all the time. The beauty of this compact digital is that it’s light and easy to stick in a bag, which means I usually have it on me when I see something interesting. I like the Lumix TZ series because they take good macro (as close as 5cm away), which is about as good as it gets on a digital compact. I certainly can’t get stunning macro shots with wonderful Bokeh (minimum aperture setting here is 3.3), but it’s a decent trade off considering the advantages, I think. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Moss casting shadows

  1. I am always amazed at what you see that most people wouldn’t notice. I would probably have walked right past this moss, not even seeing it, and I would have missed out on a beautiful sight. This is why I enjoy your blog so much I think; I get to see what I would normally miss… so, well, thank you! 🙂

  2. A new camera and a new blog-look! It could not be nicer.
    You show us that we don’t need always an SLR to take great photos. More important is that we know that we perceive with only 1 percent of our retina. The real photographer knows it, often unconsciously. We look at a different way to the world, such as pilots are taught. They can not afford to miss another plane (and we pretty long shadows!). The same limitation of the retina sometimes brings us into trouble in traffic.
    Have fun with your new camera, Lucy!

    • Thank you Charles for such a kind comment – maybe I am developing that photographers eye!
      I’m so glad you like the new look for the blog, I thought I’d give it an update for the new camera. I’m really thrilled with the new camera actually – it seems much more responsive and is quicker to start up and focus. The colour and brightness in the intelligent auto and standard colour modes are much better too, and the zoom is longer and produces better quality images.

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