Our new bird table in the snow

Now these aren’t very good pictures, but I wanted to document the snowfall we had the day before yesterday and the birds visiting our new bird table. We’ve had two robins on there, which is really nice to see (hopefully I can capture a photo of them at some point). Robins are usually fiercely territorial and willing to fight to the death to defend their patch, but they pair up well before the breeding season and pool resources to get through the winter. I’ve always found it interesting to watch differents birds’ feeding behaviours. Blue tits, for instance, dash on to the table or feeder, grab one seed and dash off somewhere else to eat it. In contrast, gold finches will sit on a feeder for ages, looking right around them between each beakful. Robins will stay awhile, as will blackbirds and collared doves, while sparrows and starlings are so busy fighting amongst themselves that sometimes they hardly get the chance to eat anything at all! πŸ˜€

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6 thoughts on “Our new bird table in the snow

  1. Beautiful bird table!
    I swept snow, for almost two hours 😦 My neighbor women are 80-90 years old. So I have to give them a hand. They have delicious coffee, after work! Then, while sipping coffee, watched birds. It’s remarkable to see how tame the black birds are (in Dutch Merel). They don’t fly away when you get close. Apparently very hungry!
    Oops, it’s snowing again. More coffee!

    • You sound like a very kind neighbour Charles! I bet your neighbours are very grateful to have such a gentleman living next door. In the UK the blackbirds are often quite nervous, but once I had a female blackbird that would come right up to my feet to take mealworms.

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