It’ c-c-c-c-c-cold!

Well it didn’t get above freezing all day here, and we’ve got snow forecast for the weekend. I felt justified in buying a bird table this afternoon, as the birds need every little bit of help they can get at the moment. We’ve got quite a few feeders up, but I can’t put a ground feeder down or scatter food on the ground as we have a dustbin of a dog that will eat anything and everything. This is both annoying and very expensive, and she’s got an absurdly sensitive stomach and gets ill at the drop of a hat, necessitating expensive vet visits. So, now we have a smart, slate roofed bird table which will hopefully attract the blackbirds and other ground foraging birds. The brave robins were on it within ten minutes or so, but the others will take longer to get used to it, I think.

Here are a few frosty shots from my walk today. I don’t mind the cold when it’s clear and frosty, especially in that hazy late afternoon sunlight.

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