The year that was.

Well, my first full year of blogging. It’s been a blast! Over the last couple of days I’ve gone through the year’s pictures and deleted all but the best… I deleted 1,791 photos and my computer now has 9.56 GB more space. Looking back over my photographs from the year has been quite interesting as I can see the development and (very) slow improvement as I’ve experimented with different settings and compositions.

Were it not for a certain sequence of events in March, my viewing figures would be very modest indeed. Thanks to Skyfall, this blog has had a staggering 85,153 views from 132 countries. That whole episode brought its ups and downs and quite a bit of excitement; I certainly got a crash course in the workings and machinations of the film industry. It did bring me one of my most loyal readers though… Happy New Year Charles! 🙂

I’ve learned so much from other blogs too. At the beginning of the year I wrote quite long blog posts, but found that I was posting infrequently because I didn’t often get the time to write a long post and organise lots of photos. Reading and enjoying Mike’s posts, which are often photos with no text, prompted me to post photos as and when I take them, without lots of explanation or accompanying text. On the other hand, I love reading the detail of A French Garden, where Amelia gives wonderful detail with her beautiful images. Also Phil’s blog, which has the kind of stunning wildlife photography I can’t even aspire to, has been a delight to read.

Well here are my favourite couple of images from each month this year. It’s been funny old weather, but there have still been plently of very beautiful moments in nature. Happy New Year everyone, and I hope that the coming year brings you health and happiness.

18 thoughts on “The year that was.

    • Thanks Mike! Hmm… a blog development plan… I’m not sure. Having deleted so many pics over the last few days, it reminded me of what I was trying to capture with the ones that didn’t quite work. I want to learn more about the technical aspects of photography, and I’ve got a few ‘projects’ or series in mind. How about you?

  1. Amazing shots as always lucy and love seeing the changes through the seasons! Great work and look forward to 2013’s story of the life around us! M x

  2. 🙂
    Judging by the beautiful pictures you have had a wonderful year.
    And because you have so much contributed to the most successful British film of all time, your readers will nominate you for the role of Bond girl in the next movie. We arrange that, no problem!
    Oh, by the way, I design the stunts… I’ll think of something nice.
    Best wishes for 2013 to everyone from the Netherlands!

  3. I want a great big calendar of your photos so I can wake up and immerse myself in the fungi and flowers and leaves and creatures and smells of England every morning. 😀

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