One of Surrey’s more exotic residents… the rose ringed parakeet. Escapees established a colony in the London/Surrey area many years ago, and they’re a common sight in the north of Surrey. I took this picture in Richmond park, where there are huge, noisy flocks of them.


8 thoughts on “Parakeet

    • Faith they’ve been around since the 60s/70s! They are tropical birds so it seems odd, but I think they’ve adapted to the cold winters and the temperatures are compensated for by the abundance of food and the lack of predators.

  1. Back 20 years or so, I went to see these in ‘one of their favourite spots’ on at least 3 occasions and failed to seem any! I’m glad to see they are still kicking about – though I believe that the novelty is starting to wear off for some of the locals?

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