Boletus edulis

Boletus edulis; the Cep. One of the most prized edibles you can find. This one was a bit wrinkly and I thought it might possibly just be a bitter bolete instead. The main thing is that it was one on its own so it felt really mean to pick it and stop its whole reproduction process right there just to get a definite id. On looking, it’s certainly a Cep, and I’m sure it would have tasted great. Not worth picking one fungus for that though – there should be several/many specimens before you feel free to harvest .

boletus edulis


2 thoughts on “Boletus edulis

    • I’ve never seen one there before, but yes, the location is imprinted on my memory now. It’s always a tricky one whether to pick or not. As far as I can glean, cutting the fungi doesn’t harm the underlying mycelium, and the main spread occurs underground rather than through the fruit bodies (mushrooms). Still, it’s frowned upon to take single mushrooms so I resisted the temptation to eat it there and then!

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