Rose bedeguar gall

This pretty, feathery thing is actually a gall – a growth of specialised plant tissue formed by a parasite. The parasite, in this case a wasp, injects a chemical into the host plant which causes an abnormal structure to develop which is then controlled by the insect.  The larva then lives inside this strange microhabitat, protected and nourished. Bizarre. I’ve seen galls on trees before, and malformed acorns due to the gall-forming Knopper wasp, but I’ve never seen such a pretty one as this before.

Here’s everything you’ve never wanted to know about galls in general, and the perpetrator of this particular type of gall; the Diplolepis rosae wasp.

2 thoughts on “Rose bedeguar gall

  1. I would never had thought that it was a gall either, it is much too pretty. It doesn’t look as if it would do much harm to the plant as long as there was only the one on it.

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