St. Martha’s Church

We went for a walk round St. Martha’s Church today. It’s an unusual and lovely church perched on top of a wooded hill with fantastic views of the Surrey hills and the counties beyond (you can see eight, apparently, but I find that a bit hard to believe). A church has stood here since Saxon times but apart from some Norman remnants, most of this building dates from 1850. The parishioners have to slog their way up the hill each Sunday as there’s no vehicular access (apart from hearses etc), but they must feel rewarded by worshipping in such an isolated and beautiful place. At Christmas time the church is floodlit and you can see it from miles around.

The view from the seats outside the church is stunning, and it’s a lovely walk back down through the twisting paths through the sandy woodland too.


8 thoughts on “St. Martha’s Church

  1. I absolutely love old stone churches and buildings… There is such a strong feel for history. You wonder to yourself, if these walls could speak, what story would they tell?

    • Kitt I bet these walls would have a few tales to tell. Apparently there was a church there in Saxon times, and they think that the name St. Martha’s come from saints and martyrs as early Christians were burned on the hill by Saxon pagans.

      • Wow! That IS far back. The Saxon/Norman skirmishes over land were legendary. People used to come to the churched for sanctuary & protection…. I imagine the stories those walls could tell would be plenty, indeed… I love history.

  2. Lovely weather. My brother from Canada has been on holiday in England (Cotswolds and the Dales). He has just returned to Canada. He promised me beautiful pictures of your country 😉 He is also fond of ‘old stone churches and buildings…’.

  3. breathtaking….there is no other word for such places…they have seen time pass and yet have stood waiting and watching…it always makes me wonder what it was like….in the beginning… 😀
    thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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