Lovely bit of lichen

I do like a nice bit of lichen, so here are a few shots. I think the mushroom is a Deer Shield, Pluteus cervinus. The little cups are a lichen, Cladonia pyxidata – appropriately named pixie cups. The scarlet topped lichen are also a species of Cladonia, sometimes called British soldiers because of their red hats. Lichen is a fascinating cross-breed; a symbiotic relationship (meaning that it benefits both parties) between a fungus and an alga. Fungi can synthesise certain nutrients and algae can synthesise others, so they come together and pool resources. Clever stuff! I’ve written a bit more about it in this post.


7 thoughts on “Lovely bit of lichen

    • Thanks Phil! One of the things that attracts me about lichens and mosses is that it’s like a world in minature – a tiny little forest. The moss and pixie cups look like the plants on the forest floor here with the ‘tree’ towering over them.

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