Ancient trees

A few pictures from Petworth Park at the weekend. This huge tree is an oak, one of many ancient trees at Petworth. This one is around 1000 years old.

This smaller tree is a Tilia, known as lime or linden. Lime blossom provides a really useful herbal medicine; it lowers blood pressure and helps the circulation, and is useful for the fevers and aches of colds and flu. It doesn’t taste too bad, either, although like many herbs it’s a diuretic.

There are lots of huge old limes in the park, but this far more diminutive one is said to be one of the oldest in the country. The centre of the trunk has decayed away, as often happens with very old trees. What’s left doesn’t even look like a hollow tree any more – it seems to be made up of lots of smaller individual trunks linked together in a sort of bridge. Interesting and beautiful.

split lime tree

chamomile in front of petworth house


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