Bramble mystery

At Frensham today some stunning colours caught my eye. At first glance I thought it was a blackberry bush, since it had little black berries (a dead giveaway, that). The blackberry, along with the raspberry,  are members of the genus Rubus, which has hundreds of species. Most of their leaves (and I’ve looked at quite a few of them tonight, trying to identify this plant!) look like this;

Here’s the mystery bramble – you can see that the leaves are very different in shape and are deeply toothed or cut. It looks like Rubus laciniatus, the cutleaf blackberry, but I’m confused because some sources say it’s evergreen while others say it’s deciduous. Whatever it is, I reckon it’s really beautiful at this time of year.

4 thoughts on “Bramble mystery

  1. The colours are certainly beautiful. I was not aware that there were different species so I will look more closely at the brambles in future. It reminds me of when I was on holiday in Brittany one year. There were large numbers of bramble bushes in the same area but the flavour of the fruit varied remarkably between the bushes. Their flavours were all excellent but different. The flavours in this area are generally very poor although I have found one patch worth collecting. Perhaps the warmth and the limy soil is not ideal for them.

    • I wasn’t aware that there were so many different species either until I looked it up. I found a document listing varieties of Rubus found in Surrey (many non-native escapees) and it had more than 100 varieties! Most have the classic trifoliate leaf so I’d never given it a second thought before. This one struck me though because it’s so different, and the shape was highlighted by the colour. Our blackberry season isn’t very good either – it looked promising with lots of flowers and nascent fruits, but they don’t seem to have ripened. 😦

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