Let us eat cake!

Having mastered fairy cakes, my daughter has been badgering me all week to let her make a full sized cake all on her own. Well, with minimal supervision she baked her first victoria sponge cake. It’s got jam and buttercream in the centre, but that’s where the similarity with the simplicity of that classic tea-time treat ends. My daughter had far grander plans for this cake, and it turned out that she had spent her Β£1.00 weekly sweetshop budget on decorations – marshmallows to stud around the sides and top, marshmallow letters, jelly berries and little mini cupcakes (which she iced and decorated individually!).

My only practical input into this project was to smear the base coat of butter icing on the top and sides to give her a smooth base. The rest of it is entirely her own masterpiece. She’s already planning her halloween and christmas cakes. πŸ˜‰


10 thoughts on “Let us eat cake!

    • Wow thank you Danny – that has truly made my daughter’s day! She is doing her maths with ever so much more enthusiasm now that I’ve read her your comment, interspersed with ‘the lady from the bakeoff likes MY cake?!’ and ‘so where do you think I got my talent for making cakes from mummy?’! πŸ˜€

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