Another violet ground beetle

Previous post about this predatory beetle here. This is a better picture. What beautiful colours!

Carabus violaceus





4 thoughts on “Another violet ground beetle

  1. As I was scan reading the post in my Reader, I initially thought the title was Violent Ground Beetle – though I suspect it does become such when it finds its prey!
    I didn’t know such a thing existed, I think I’ll have to keep my eyes open – and maybe review my insect guide book to see what other delightful subjects I’m passing by.

  2. lol Stephen! Yes I’m rather hoping we might get a few violent ground beetles in the garden – with homicidal tendencies towards our slugs.
    I found them when lifting refugia (tins or felts) put down for reptiles. They are nocturnal so would be hiding out during the day, hence why I (and you) have never seen them before. Try lifting some logs etc.

    • Was it an ad on my page Marie? I don’t see them, not sure why. No they don’t pay me – WordPress host the blog for free, so they make their money by placing ads on the blog. It’s a good sign though I guess – shows that I’m getting enough traffic on the blog to warrant them putting an ad on it.

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