Whatchoo lookin’ at??

My daughter, eye to eye with a slow worm. Not the most sensible of things to do with a slow worm, but ever the photographer, I snapped a shot before pointing that out. 😉  In fact, this was a very chilled out slow worm that was not bothered by being handled. Also, it’s not in position to be able to strike, and even if it did, the structure of their teeth mean that it would be unlikely to cause injury. Still, I told her it’s not the best idea.



4 thoughts on “Whatchoo lookin’ at??

  1. I had a slow worm for a short while. We called him Augustus because we found him on August bank holiday. I did similar things, like letting him investigate inside my open mouth! The thing is, slow worms are not snakes, they are legless lizards and, as you say, they have a very different mouth structure to snakes. He never once seemed the slightest bit afraid or predatory. We let him go free in the autumn, so he could find a place to hibernate. Cool photo.

    • Thanks Faith, this one was very relaxed too so I wasn’t really worried. Augustus sounds great. What did you feed him? I took loads of photos of the two we caught, which I will put up. They’ve been superceded, though, by what we found today!

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