I’ve finally seen an adder! They are the only venomous British reptile, and I’ve always wanted to see one in the wild.

It’s a really rubbish picture, unfortunately, as the adder was making a hasty exit. I’m still thrilled though, and so is my daughter – she’s the one who spotted it.

I’ll save the informative post on the adder for when I’ve got better pictures, which might be a bit ambitious considering it’s taken me so many years to see one at all, but I’m optimistic about this and am going to go adder ‘hunting’ with my camera over the next few weeks before they go into hibernation.

I think this one is a female – they tend to have a reddish-brown background colour whereas the males tend to have pale or grey backgrounds to that gorgeous zig-zag pattern. I don’t know whether they are normally a bit stouter in the middle, or whether this one has recently eaten.

Vipera berus, the adder

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