Rainbow over a barley field

Coming home from our walk yesterday there was a sudden rain storm. Then this rainbow. It seemed so close (the end of it was visible in front of the trees) that we were tempted to go and dig at the end of it hoping for a pot of gold.  😉

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13 thoughts on “Rainbow over a barley field

  1. Beautiful visual effects by Pinewood. Produced by your EON friends, because you have not (yet) revealed their little Skyfall secret 😉

      • Can’t wait!
        Next month I meet a friend of mine, a film journalist, who in the past visited Pinewood when they where shooting GoldenEye and other Bond productions. Exciting stories! A major film production is like war in peacetime, as you know 😉
        Hmm, Dragon’s Den is back on BBC, about half an hour.

  2. I don’t have satellite tv, Lucy. In the east of The Netherlands BBC 1 and BBC 2 are in the glass fiber package. I’m also a fan of documentaries. I watch them on Youtube, NGC and Discovery en BBC 1/2. Indeed, the BBC 4 program looks good, too bad, for that I have to pay extra, I suppose.

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