The poetry of search terms

I read a blog post today that made me laugh… it’s called Why Are You Here? and the blogger talks about what search terms brought people to her site. Most of them were rather rude (and a few were downright disturbing), although that has something to do with the titles of her blog posts. It’s a very funny post and I highly recommend that you read it.

Well it got me thinking, so I went and had a look at my blog statistics page. One of the sections tells me what search terms people have typed into their search engines that brought my site up in the results, and therefore brought them to my blog. No rude ones (although I did wonder what the person who typed ‘nacent tits’ [sic] was looking for), but it was interesting to see the things that people are searching for that bring up my site on google or whatever. The list struck me as strangely poetic and slightly surreal, I don’t know why. There was a sort of beauty in the snapshot image of those words, typed into a computer somewhere in the world by someone looking for information about some random thing. I like the fact that those phrases and inquiries found their echo (and hopefully sometimes their answer) in the blog that I created.

So I put them together into a sort of poem. A very odd poem. πŸ˜‰ Personally the last line is my favourite – I’d love to know what on earth the story is behind that! So, many thanks to Christine Friesenhahn at her blog Texana’s Kitchen for inspiring me to think about what people google!

Each line is a complete and separate search term or string. I’ve changed nothing about the words and added only punctuation.

Searching for the Foraging Photographer

When photographing the leaves closely how does the leaf appear?
Autumn beech
Shivering in a stormy sky,
Fake tree branches with metal core.

Foraging thistles,
Wild strawberry plant at little river.
Scleroderma heart
Ceanothus autumnal blue.

Plastic stag,
Doves strutting.
Psychedelic lichen
Turkey tails in trees.

Foraging photographer,
Food for froglets.
Dripping mushroom
Insect look like a dragon.

Skyfall explosion,
Most amazing metamorphosis.
Trees in lashing rain,
What if newts cant get out of pond?

Glory of the snow buds
Taş kaplama.
One is for Ramsey William Bond;
Scary nymph.

Happy insert
Twisty tree roots.
Young anenome
Foraging old mans beard.

How are bees the same as helicopters?
Pond life lime green eggs.
Milne Vienna Lucy
Foraging sorrel.

The stone is broken, whether intentionally or not I don’t know. I think the first name is Elsa.

7 thoughts on “The poetry of search terms

  1. Funny, I’ve been to her blog, too! That particular post was quite funny…and many of her food posts made me hungry. (I’ll be trying some of them). As for your poem…quite a challenge! I like…

    • lol at gangsta rap πŸ™‚ I might try putting yours together into something if I get the chance – I’m on a roll now! πŸ˜‰ I’m really glad you like the post, I do too – I keep going back and rereading it! It wouldn’t have happened without your inspiration so thanks again.

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