And now for something different…

Since all departures from the nature theme of my blog have been well received (that should be telling me something, really, shouldn’t it?), here’s a post about planes!

Last weekend was the Wings and Wheels event at nearby Dunscombe. It’s pricey (though I’m sure good value if you like that sort of thing) to get in, but there’s a great viewpoint from one of our regular walks. We went up on Sunday to enjoy the atmosphere and watch proceedings, and were rewarded in the first few minutes by a close up view of the Battle of Britain flypast – the Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire – going right past the viewpoint. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera out as we’d just arrived and it all happened so fast. We did get a great view of the Vulcan though, which was grounded at the last minute last year. Here it is…

We had a grand finale too; as we were packing up to leave a Tornado came roaring across the valley. I didn’t get any decent photos or videos; it was just too damn fast. Amazing thing to see though. I must say, it always strikes me how utterly terrifying it must be to hear a plane like that (like any of those we saw that day) coming for you. It’s one thing to feel the thrill of something so fast, powerful and loaded with history, when you’re sitting on a nice comfy log on a hillside. Quite another when you are cowering in terror, hearing the roar of distant engines growing closer.

7 thoughts on “And now for something different…

  1. Great pictures.
    Absolutely awesome aircraft.
    I remember my father taking me to an air show at Coltishall in Norfolk when I was a nipper and my single memory from that occasion is seeing one of these do a low level flight down the runway and when the pilot got to end of the runway he pulled it back into a climb so it seemed to climb vertically like a rocket – as you suggest the noise was incredible! Britain built some awesome planes in it’s past.

    • It’s an amazing thing to see Stephen – the word ‘awe’ is overused but it really is awe-inspiring. It wasn’t there last year, but the year before we were walking at nearby Petworth Park, completely unaware of the airshow. Suddenly, over the brow of a hill, the Vulcan suddenly appeared right in front of us, climbing steeply. I’d never seen one before and the sight and noise were incredible. We watched the airshow through binoculars that day and then found a closer spot to watch it from the following year!

  2. I really enjoyed our time watching these planes, Lucy. Although you say this is completely different and coming away from your original theme of nature and photography, had we not gone on a walk through our wonderful Surrey countryside, we wouldn’t have enjoyed this amazing sight for free. Same with our visits to Hankley Common and learning about the plants and trees alongside the intricacies of film production. I love the fact that your love and passion of nature is a gateway to all these other experiences. The Hounslows have learned a lot thanks to your passion, knowledge and enthusiasm of our natural world, Lucy, you’re a star. mx

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