Last one in the nest…

Well it’s been a very eventful day in the garden. Before I tell you about that, here’s a last picture of the wrens in the nest…


4 thoughts on “Last one in the nest…

    • It does seem to be leaving it a bit late, doesn’t it. The wrens have already nested in this box at least once this summer (and I thought twice, from the timings of seeing them going into the ivy with food and making lots of noise nearby). I didn’t previously hear this amount of loud cheeping coming from the nest though, although with the weather having been so awful maybe I just wasn’t in the garden enough to be aware of it. Or maybe they had fewer chicks. Whichever, this one is certainly a late nest. I’ll provide them with plenty of extra food so hopefully they can get the fledglings nicely fattened up in time for winter!

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