A sunny interlude

blackbird chicks

Back in June I mentioned that blackbirds had built a nest in our little willow tree on the patio. I managed to sneak a picture and found that there were two (maybe three?) chicks in the nest. This morning we were woken early by a right commotion in the garden, with both blackbirds and a wren making lots of noise alarm calling. I did my “pppsssstttchhh” noise that has an unnerving effect on cats, and sure enough one scooted off up next door’s garden. This continued on an off all morning, with two bloody cats making a nuisance of themselves and drawing the ire of the blackbirds and wrens. I sneaked another picture of the nest and found it empty, so thought the worst. Luckily we spotted one in the cherry tree with the mother feeding it, and the male was taking food into the conifer so I assume the other one (or two?) were in there. The wrens must have a nest or fledglings too, from their behaviour.

With the torrential downpours and chilly temperatures, it’s hardly felt like summer at all. It was lovely to have a sunny interlude yesterday evening, then, when the sky was washed clean of clouds and the garden was bathed in warm evening sunshine. I took advantage of the gorgeous light to take some flower photos.

The vegetable beds don’t have any vegetables at all in them this year. The slugs, snails and birds have always harvested more than we have so this year we just let the self seeded flowers take over. The beds are a riot of colour and alive with bees, particularly the borage which they love. The foxgloves arrived of their own accord, as did the buddleia bush which sprang up last year and threatens to overwhelm the dog rose. Buddleia can grow into a full sized tree if you let it so I’ll be brutal and chop it right back once it’s flowered. I love the fragrance though.



6 thoughts on “A sunny interlude

  1. Our neighbours had a goldfinch nest and found all three chicks dead last week. Very sad! At least our blackbirds have made it to fledgling stage and can fly into trees. Blackbirds and wrens still alarm calling today so we keep on with our anti-cat noises!

  2. Cute!
    I translated Blackbird to ‘Zwarte Kraai’ (Black Crow). But that’s not the same, I realize. In Dutch we call a Blackbird a “Merel.”
    Black crows are not very popular among the people. Must have something to do with Hitchcock.
    You have colorful vegetables this year!

  3. Merels are more appealing to people than zwarte kraai, I think Charles – maybe because crows eat carrion and will predate nests. The corvid family (crows, magpies etc) are incredibly intelligent though, aren’t they.
    We could eat the calendula and borage flowers, but I think I prefer to leave them for the bees! 😉

  4. Beautiful images. Did you know that it’s illegal to photograph schedule 1 birds on the nest; it is in the UK and in some other countries too. 😦

    • Thanks Mike. Luckily a blackbird isn’t a schedule 1 bird! Normally I wouldn’t have a hope of photographing a nest, really, but this was in a small tree on our patio so I waited until the parent had just left and stuck my camera through the branches. I was very wary of disturbing them, I must say.

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