Chalk Downland Flowers

Wow what gorgeous weather at last! There’s been a burst of activity in the garden and everywhere else too. Suddenly everything seems cloaked in vibrant colour and life.

We had a lovely walk at White Down last weekend. I’ve blogged about this place before – HERE. The wood is adjacent to the North Downs Way, and there’s a wonderful viewpoint when you come out onto the chalk downlands of Blatchford and White Downs. There’s an abundance of wildflowers that are specific to the poor, limey soil of the downs, and quite a few of them were in bloom on Sunday when we visited. Many of them are tiny, so I had a lovely half hour crouching down and peering at these tiny little flowers for a closer look. I hope you like the pictures. I’ve managed to identify most of them, but I’m still working on a few so I’ll update the last couple once I’ve looked them up. The grass and some of the woodland is carpeted with little wild strawberry plants. In a short time the pretty white flowers will be minute but very tasty strawberries. It’s as if all the flavour in a culvitated strawberry has been distilled down into concentated form in a tiny package.

There was a lot more I was going to write, as it’s been a busy week nature-wise, but actually I’m just going to post this now with the pictures, and try to get another post up later today.

I hope all my readers are enjoying this beautiful spring sunshine!


2 thoughts on “Chalk Downland Flowers

  1. Beautiful Lucy. I grew up on the edge of Salisbury Plains. A little village called Easterton. Our farm was one of the last on the way up the lane to the wide open chalk grassland. I loved going up that lane where I could lie in the grass and see most of these flowers, not forgetting cowslips, my absolute favorite, and listen to the skylarks way up above. Thank you for these lovely photos, you truly see nature, each photo is a perfect composition.

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