I was a bit too quick off the mark there…

I put up a post earlier in response to a lengthy comment I received which informed me that ‘I should get a very very good lawyer’ because I’m in for a ‘rough ride’ from the Bond production company EON. This was from someone who claims to be working on the production. The tone of the email struck me as trying to threaten or frighten me, and as a knee jerk response I stated what had been happening in my communications with the MoD and EON since last week, something I had previously chosen not to mention.

I have spoken since then to a very nice man from EON with whom I’ve been in touch over the last week, and he assures me that EON are certainly not intending to prosecute me or take this matter any further. I wish I’d spoken to him before I posted this morning, frankly, but stupidly I was really rattled by the message (I’ve re-approved the comments, by the way, since the sender intended them to be published here). It seems that because I was not intending to gain commercially from the photos, I have not broken the law. Although I could, therefore, sell the images again if I chose to, I am not going to do so out of respect for EON productions (who have been courteous throughout, as were the military police) and in particular EON’s location manager who has been so reasonable and kind about all of this. I just wish I’d realised what the cursed photos were worth in the first place and got a decent amount of money to make up for all this bloody hassle. C’est la vie.

For my reasons previously stated, I am intending to leave the blog up as it stands. The images are already all over the internet, so it won’t make a jot of difference if I take them down. I won’t be mentioning Skyfall, EON or anything to do with James Bond in any more posts though. Nor will I be returning to Hankley for a while! I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye to all the lovely people I met there during the making of the film.

Back to nature from now on.

p.s. to Roger who sent me a very critical comment this afternoon. I did approve and respond to it, but by that time I’d taken down the post that so offended you, so I wasn’t able to publish your comment in connection with it. May I respectfully suggest, though, that if you find me so objectionable, you do not feel impelled to read my blog. Ever. As I’ve heard said… don’t let the door bang your arse on the way out. 😉

could have done with the pinewood fire engine to cool everything down…

7 thoughts on “I was a bit too quick off the mark there…

  1. So the giants win against the little people again! This lady has been worn down by Eon (or someone claiming to work for Eon, my there are some sick people out there) over an innocent blog, which gave a lot of people so much pleasure. Shame on Eon and shame on you sickos who have nothing better to do than send spiteful, pathetic emails. Get a life!

  2. Despite all the hassle, I’m sure you will think back with pleasure in … 2048. The production manager “kicked” me from his set during the filming of A Bridge Too Far in 1976 (36 years back). But it’s still a really nice reminder.

    By the way, it’s summer (euch. .. spring) in Holland and the blossom in the garden of my neighbor began to blossom this morning (pink). I just moved, so I wonder how nature is around my new house in the summer. Sometimes I see a squirrel, to my surprise. Many trees and birdsong, could be worse.

  3. Charles your post really made me smile! I reckon 2048 is a good estimation. I always think that if you can see trees and hear birdsong, life can’t be all that bad. It must be exciting, having just moved, to anticipate all that the changing of the seasons will bring you from your new vantage point.

    • Thanks! I just opened the doors and windows (bit late this morning), and it’s really one and all birds. I can hardly wait for a new series of Springwatch. At least I hope that the BBC makes this great TV Progam again. Not only because of the nature but also (of course) of the fascinating production design. In the Netherlands we must go back to the seventies when they were so creative, too bad. But, fortunately we have Auntie Beeb … You have your own Springwatch-blog …

  4. Hi Lucy, although you had some trouble with it, i like the pictures very much, I saw the movie last night and I always like to see how it”s made, you have let me seen this a bit. Thx, keep up your good work 🙂
    gr Eric

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