Picturesque Petworth

Well, I’ve been trying to find the time to put a post together all week, and things have just got away from me. As the weather forecast for the rest of the week was pretty rubbish, I thought I’d go for a walk in Petworth deer park on Tuesday, which has some really beautiful trees, to try to capture some autumn colour. I was going to write a whole post about the park and its history, but it’s Friday evening and I’ve still not had time, so I think I’ll just refer you here, and post the photos I took on Tuesday. Petworth has the largest herd of fallow deer in England, so there are always good photo opportunities for deer. Having lived by Richmond Park for quite a few years, I got a bit blase about photographing deer, but there were a few irresistible shots at Petworth – it feels slightly more ‘wild’, but that’s probably just a psychological thing.

I was really excited to get the shots of the bucks against the background of the (beech?) tree in full colour, but when I looked at the pictures on the computer, the tree was in bright focus and the deer (who were in the shade in front) looked like they’d been badly superimposed using photoshop. I did use photoshop to try to sharpen the bucks and make them look slightly more congruent with their background (they still look a bit odd though), but I promise that the deer really were in front of the tree!

The light was fantastic in the park, casting long shadows and warm light over everything. The long shot of the deer in the boggy part with all its golden grasses just made my heart sing. I’d particularly wanted to photograph a huge beech who’d had a massive section fall and form a sprawling untidily picturesque mess of branches and leaves. Unfortunately it had been pruned back, but the stark tree skeleton next to it was stunning in the late afternoon sunlight (when it finally came out from behind the clouds!).


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