Glorious Autumn

What a perfect autumn day it was today. Mild, fresh, clear blue skies and stunning autumn colour. Had to drive into London and the colour of the trees along the verges of the A3 just made my soul sing.

I took the opportunity to visit the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, since I was in the area. For those of you who don’t know it, it’s an enclosed (to keep the deer out) area in the south west of the park (between Kingston and Robin Hood gates). It’s basically a small arboretum, in the main planted with oak, sweet chestnut and beech for timber during the 19th Century, but remodelled with ponds, streams and exotic trees and shrubs from the 1950s onwards, by the then park superintendent and head gardener. It’s full of twisty windy paths that lead you through areas of interest and colour (whatever the season), and with some fantastic ancient hollowed out oaks as well as more modern stuff (like the heather garden in bloom during the darker months).  If you’re in the London area and you’ve not been there, go there this weekend while the weather’s good and the colours are breathtaking!

Here’s some of the gorgeous colour and detail from today…



4 thoughts on “Glorious Autumn

  1. Beautiful photos. I don’t come anywhere near the excellence of your but I try. Most of my photos on this Blog I use with ideas and inspirational thoughts I find or think about. On my other Blog I have lots of other photos of my gardens here on Lake Michigan which you may enjoy viewing. The pictures, whatever the time of year, speak deep messages to me. Take a look. Jack

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